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Do you want to recover pages document on Mac? It happens if you're in a hurry , you may forget to save Page documents and confirm the action to close it.
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Then the Auto-save will be ON. It may require a 3rd party program, such as Time Machine or other professional Data Recovery Software. This is an easy yet easily-overlooked way to recover a deleted Pages document.

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In fact, when we delete a document on the Mac, it is just moved to the Trash bin instead of being permanently deleted. For permanent deletion, we need go to Trash bin and delete manually. If you are the one get used to back up files with Time Machine, you are able to recover deleted Pages document with Time Machine. As we talked above, Time Machine is a program allowing users to back up their files onto an external hard drive and find the deleted or lost file back when files are gone or corrupted for some reason.

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However, there are occasions we happen to permanently delete the Pages document, or we don't have any backups, even the files won't work when we recover from Trash bin or with Time Machine. Then, you will have to utilize a professional Data Recovery Program. For mac users, we highly recommend Cisdem Data Recovery , it provides abundant features to recover deleted files fast, smartly and efficiently.

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Here is a list of its main features:. Free Download.

How to Recover Unsaved/Lost/Deleted Pages Documents on Mac

Very often, we edit and view Pages document on an iPad. To use this method, you need to make sure all your document are saved in iCloud Drive, otherwise, go to other methods. In conclusion, no matter you want to recover Pages document on Mac or iPad, or no matter you want to recover unsaved or deleted Pages document, as long as you use the appropriate method, we are able to find them back. Also, we should always remember that, backup all your important files before your file are gone forever.

On the business trip, store important files in laptop is not the first choice, instead with storing them on memory card or flash drive are very convenient. With more files stored on the SD memory card or flash drive.

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If we deleted the necessary files by mistaken will be so troublesome. Here, we will introduce three ways about how to recover files on the SanDisk card with best data recovery software. This guide outlines the instructions to restore from Time Machine backup and perform data recovery on Mac if you get Time Machine backup error. Switch to the Finder application and choose "Find" from the File menu. Then choose "Arrange by last modified" from the View menu. This will show you all of the documents that have been saved to your hard drive in newest-to-oldest order.

Scroll down in the window and review these file names to see if there are any documents with names including "temporary" or "untitled," and with kinds that are word processing documents or plain text files. There will be many documents here, so use the date and time on each file to help narrow your search.

Part 2. How to Recover Unsaved Page Documents

Drag these documents to the Pages icon in your Dock. They will open in Pages if they are saved word processing documents, and you may be able to retrieve the text of your lost document from these files. If a file cannot be opened in Pages, try dragging it to the TextEdit icon in your Dock instead. Page content loaded. Jan 24, 6: To avoid this experience in the future, as soon as you choose new document, save the empty document to a meaningful name not Untitled.

Once you do this, Pages will autosave your document about every 10 - 15 seconds when new content is added. How to recover unsaved pages doc?

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